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This week has been a bit of a blur and I’m not really sure why to be honest, so this post probably won’t be as long as the last two weeks. Maybe it’s because there was a Bank Holiday here in the UK so it was a shorter work week and then my wife and I are a bit sleep deprived this weekend because one of our kids has been ill… πŸ₯±

I suppose my main theme for this week is about organising thoughts and taking stock. Having committed to the idea of cultivating my own little part of the internet properly this time – you know, actually writing, publishing and sharing content – I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other people’s websites. Some have even shared their thoughts on blogging and why it’s important. This is a topic that has become of great interest to me in recent months and getting inspiration from others that are already doing it is great.

There are quite a few ideas floating around my head at the moment of what I want this site to become; sharing thoughts, opinions, gaming stats, the content of these weekly review posts… I guess I’m kind of thinking this will become a MySpace kind of place (if you’re old enough to remember MySpace!).

πŸ€“ What I Learned This Week

I’m still working my way through a mammoth ReactJS course. I’m pretty familiar with React and have built some projects with it, but I’m trying to improve my knowledge of it all round. There’s nothing specific I want to share from the course right now, but it is something I working through.

One tidbit of info I learned this week, though, is that you can use Sass to create your global stylesheets in NextJS! This probably isn’t news to anyone who uses Next regularly, but it’s not specifically mentioned in the docs and I found out just by trying to do it 😁

As mentioned in the docs, you can use Sass modules, typically for your components, using the file naming convention “{ComponentName}.module.scss”. Next then compiles that behind the scenes into CSS files scoped to your components. Pretty cool.

But, the docs only talk about Sass modules. I wanted to use Sass for my global styles as well, so I just tried importing a “global.scss” file into the main app file and was delighted to see that it just worked.

πŸ•Ή What I’m Playing

With this week zipping past me somehow, my plan to jump back into Mass Effect Legendary Edition didn’t happen. I did, however, end up getting back into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s multiplayer.

I was getting sick of the constant updates downloading for CoD MW (reboot) and Warzone – especially since I don’t play it really anymore, so I uninstalled it this week. I had already uninstalled Black Ops: Cold War as it was taking up too much space on the Series X, but I really fancied playing some CoD multiplayer as a quick way to unwind.

Luckily, I’d kept the remastered version installed and I’d forgotten how good classic CoD multiplayer was! I’m just sad that the remaster of Modern Warfare 2 didn’t include the multiplayer or spec ops modes, which were some of my favourites in the series.

πŸ“Ί What I’m Watching

Honestly, not much this week. We’ve just kind of had things on in the background, like Friends mostly.

πŸ•Έ Interesting Things From The Web

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I’ve been reading others’ thoughts and opinions on blogging this week. I’m probably going to write my own post on that topic soon. Sara Soueidan has been Tweeting quite a bit on this subject in the last few days and sharing some great articles.

One of them that I read by Chuck Grimmett, titled “Why Blog?” does a fantastic job of rounding up a lot of people’s takes on the subject. It’s a real goldmine for someone like me who’s just starting on the blogging journey.

Platforms come and go. Buy a domain and set up a permanent space on the web where others can find and link back to you.

Chuck Grimmett

This idea is of carving out a space of your own online really hits a chord with me with where I am in life right now. Social media is a complete dumpster fire and is the cause of so many of the Worlds’ problems. I want somewhere to share the things I care about and can make my own.

I’m also only just starting to get that it doesn’t matter what I write about. The process of writing helps me to explore my own thoughts and opinions on something. And maybe one day, what I’ve written will help someone else do the same.

Chris Coyier, wrote a related interesting post about RSS and how in a way it turns our own personal websites into a social network. I love this concept and it’s kind of one of the ideas that drew me towards creating this site and starting to write.

He also mentions the POSSE concept, which is basically you publish on your own platform and syndicate elsewhere. I’ve seen a few people I follow on Twitter talking about this and I’m pretty tempted to look into it myself. Rather than having my content in the social media silos, I could post it all here and push it to everywhere else.

These are not necessarily new ideas to be honest. This is old school web stuff gaining some interest again and I think that’s awesome.

Ok, maybe this didn’t end up being as short as I thought it would be 🀣. Catch you next week!

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  1. Thanks for linking, Alan! And thanks for helping me find a typo I had in the section you quoted πŸ˜‰ I updated it to this: “Buy a domain and set up a permanent space on the web where others can find and link back to you.”

    • No problem! I really enjoyed reading your post on this subject as a new blogger. I’m planning to write a longer post myself on the subject and will likely reference your article again (with attribution and links of course ☺️).

      I did notice the typo, but I hate to be that guy who goes out of their way to point it out to people when the point is perfectly clear. I’ve updated my post with your updated quote.

      And thanks for being the first person ever to post a comment on my site! 😁