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My weekly round up posts, summing up things I’ve found interesting or done that week. Think of it as social posts but not on social media 😉

  • Alan’s World 🌍 Week 02/05/22

    This week I write about organising thoughts and taking stock and how that relates to blogging with some interesting posts from others shared within.

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  • 🌍 Alan’s World: 01/05/22

    Ok, week two, and I’m shattered! At the beginning of April, I started my new job as Lead Front-End Designer, working on a suite of internal business applications. Due to confidentiality and NDAs, I can’t mention any details of what I’m working on, but I can say that these are huge apps with very complicated […]

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  • 🌍 Alan’s World: 24/04/22

    This is my first weekly post! I’m approaching this like it’s a newsletter – except I’m not emailing it to anyone 😉 Let’s face it, probably no one is interested in what I write here, so what would be the point of emailing anyone?! Plus you need an audience to email… which I don’t have […]

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