Reeder App is Bloody Marvellous

Over the last year or so, I’ve been using social media far less. I haven’t used Facebook for several years since it became a complete dumpster fire. Sadly, under Elon’s leadership, Twitter has gone much the same way.

There was a bit of a hole left by a complete lack of social media, but thankfully it led me to (re)discover RSS feeds. Luckily a lot of the people I followed on Twitter had similar thoughts and started publishing on their own blogs again in the backlash against Twitter, so I can get a much more interesting and healthy content feed.

I use Reeder for subscribing to RSS feeds and it’s brilliant. Recent updates enable you to subscribe to Mastadon feeds, so I can also keep up with interesting people’s social posts on my own terms too.

It syncs via iCloud between all my devices, enables me to subscribe to feeds across various services aside from blogs, and has organisation tools like folders and tags.