The World Has Changed

My intention to write regular posts went awry very quickly after I first recreated this site.

With the shocking invasion of Ukraine, it didn’t seem right to carry on as normal with posting online, regardless of the channel. I’ve watched with the rest of the World in horror at the attrocities happening and I’m still processing it all.

I don’t mean to imply that how I feel about all this is in any way important in comparison to what the people of Ukraine are going through. I’m angry, shocked and deeply saddened by what I’ve seen. I never considered that I would see war in Europe in my lifetime.

In the recent weeks, I’ve begun to draw again. Something I’ve not really done since I was at school, but something I’ve always wanted to get back into. I’ve been using it partially as a way to switch off from everything going on in the World right now.

I’ll try to get back on track soon with my intention to post regularly now that I’ve adjusted to the new reality.